Opening the door for the person behind you.

Opening the door for the person behind you.

Your first thought when approaching a door is to look back and see how far the next person is behind you. If they are close enough that you would recognize their face if you knew them, then you must hold the door open for them.

If you think they’re close enough but aren’t sure, then you actually are sure. They are. Wait it out. They’ll thank you, and you potentially will have made their day. Now, there is some controversy with this one. Twice in my life I have opened the door for the person behind me, both women, and this gesture has been taken as an insult. One woman said “I don’t need the door opened for me”, which may have been literal or meant something bigger, I’m not sure. The other time I was met with an eye roll and a “No thanks, go ahead”. I decided to stay the course though. I still open and hold the door for the person behind me, and so should you. If your intentions are pure, that’s good enough. Opening doors is timeless. Don’t let it die. *Note* Opening the car door for someone is a different topic for another time, but is still awesome.

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  1. Say “hello” and smile even if when you don’t know the person. You’re in Winnipeg! It’ll be appreciated.
    I’ll never forget, when living in Wpg., going for a walk on a lunch break. Had not been having a good day, and the look on my face must have shown it. An elderly man,, that I didn’t know, stopped me, smiled, looked me in the eye, and said “hey there. Smile. It could be worse. You could be married and living in Beausejour”! Won’t forget it. Turned my frown upside down for the rest of the day…and maybe his too. Be kinder than necessary…don’t let saying ‘hi’, or smiling at stranger, die!

    September 29, 2010 @ 12:42 am
  2. I can’t stand poeple who walk around miserable, and you decide that “Hey! I’m going to hold the door for this person, maybe cheer them up!” and they’re COMPLETELY rude or ignore you. It drives me BANANAS. AAH! I want to jump up and down and yell “HEY! THAT DOOR DIDN’T OPEN ON ITS OWN! I DID YOU A FAVOUR! STOP LOOKING LIKE YOU JUST FOUND OUT YOUR PET IGUANA DIED!”

    Sorry. Tangent.

    September 29, 2010 @ 12:29 pm
    • HAHAHAH I feel the exact same way. But good on you for opening the door! Don’t let it die :)

      October 4, 2010 @ 8:20 pm
  3. Not only do I hold the door open for people behind me, if I accidently let it close without reallizing someone was close behind, I go back to open the door and then apologize to let them know I would never had done that had I known lol It’s just the polite thing to do. I do notice though that not very many people return the favour, oh well, pay it forward I guess so maybe the ones I opened it for are now opening the door for someone else. :)

    October 4, 2010 @ 8:18 pm
  4. I ALWAYS hold the door open for the person behind me regardless of age, gender, race or circumstance. Since I’ve been working at CityPlace, I’ve noticed that a return “thanks” is rare, especially young mothers.

    October 12, 2010 @ 4:39 pm

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