Visiting your Grandparents

Visiting your Grandparents

They’re nice. They have great stories. They are, most likely, far more entertaining than whatever it is you are doing when you’re not visiting them.

Visit your Grandparents. It’s not even about you, but you’ll feel good about yourself for doing do. It’s a guarantee win-win. Your Grandparents are fascinating. I don’t even know them and I like them. They’re the one group of people that everyone likes simply by virtue of their title. Even the ones that point out that you’ve gained weight or don’t like your current hairstyle. At least they’re honest. They tell way better stories than your most interesting friend or your most entertaining co-worker, yet you find time to hang out with them. There are no good excuses for not visiting your Grandparents. We’re busy, but we’re not that busy. Your Grandparents live in a different part of the country? It’s simple, skip that week in Mexico or that shopping trip to Grand Forks, be thankful you still have a Grandparent alive, and off you go. Not everything is about us. Visiting your Grandparents is always a good idea. Don’t Let it Die.

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  1. Who isn’t visiting their Grandparents?! Slap these people silly and send them immediately! I am very close to my Grandma and visit her often-she always has fantastic stories and is always so happy to see us!

    September 30, 2010 @ 2:47 pm
  2. I have never had grandparents – I’m always so envious of my friends when they get to talk about theirs!

    I know for a fact that if mine were alive, they would have amazing stories – my moms parents were in the military (canadian and scottish, respectively), and my dads parents were farmers, his mom moved here from Holland, and his Dad from Minnesota. I would give anything to be able to learn from them and talk to them.

    Shame on anybody who isn’t appreciating the time they could be spending with their grandparents!

    October 2, 2010 @ 2:51 pm

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