Fixing stuff

Fixing stuff

I know for a fact my Dad never took a course on how to fix rototillers or lawn mowers, yet remarkably he could repair them. Every time.

We’ve had the same rototiller for over 30 years. It works just fine. We’ve had lawnmowers that looked like they had been dropped in our yard by a tornado and had roughly a 0.1 percent chance of starting. Yet they always started. Neither machine had ever seen the inside of shop, nor would my father ever have considered replacing them when they stopped working. He would just figure it out. You name it; it could be fixed with a little effort. We just replace it with a new one. We’re either lazy or simply just not as smart. I like to think it’s the former, which means we can change. Repair. The fourth “R”. Don’t let it die.

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  1. Kangaroo’s – they were great shoes. I searched and you can still find them in select stores. Frankly, all shoes should have pockets. Don’t let ‘em die….

    October 7, 2010 @ 5:40 pm

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