Giving up your seat.

Giving up your seat.

 You’re young. You can stand up on the bus. You can also stand in the back of the church if it’s too crowded on Christmas Eve. Basically, you can stand anywhere.

So give it up. While it would be nice to sit down on the crowded bus, I don’t think the 83 year-old lady with the cane and the shopping bags should have to stand. She’s paid her dues. Up you get junior. That’s just how life works. Always has, always will. Look around you. At a meeting, a party, the bus, the show, the church… if someone is standing and you are sitting, you know what to do. Give it up for giving up your seat. Don’t let it die.

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  1. I gave up my seat the other day for a pregant lady. Before she could sit down, a “chunky monkey” who was in the middle of texting slid into the empty seat. I made her move. People have no manners anymore…

    October 12, 2010 @ 4:27 pm

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