Pulling over.

Pulling over.

I‘m assuming everyone knows that we are to pull over to the right and stop when you hear an ambulance or fire truck approaching you in traffic from behind.

I remember a PSA on TV when I was kid with the catchy slogan “Stop on the right, the save someone’s life”.  This was a brilliant educational tactic. It urged you to do the right thing, while making you out to be the hero in a serious situation. It wasn’t “Stop on the right, because if you don’t you’re an idiot”. I think they should bring that campaign back. while most people still pull over to the right, they also love to use this opportunity to inch forward very slowly and gain an advantage when the ambulance has passed. It’s not a caution flag in a NASCAR race. It’s an ambulance trying to get somewhere important. Unless you are driving the ambulance, chances are good wherever you are going is less important. If your first instinct when you hear sirens behind you is anything but pulling over and coming to a full stop, then you are either selfish or an 87 year-old man with very poor hearing and are driving a massive Ford LTD at a speed roughly 15 km per hour below the speed limit. One of those two types of people can be excused. Is there another situation where you should be pulling over to the side and stopping? Yes. A funeral procession. They’re going to go honour someone that meant alot to many people. It’s the least you can do. Be a hero. Pull over. Don’t let it die.

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  1. Well done. Thanks. Everybody needed that.

    November 7, 2010 @ 8:40 pm

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