Thunk Board Games focuses on easy to learn, hard to master games that have depth and replay-ability while offering something different than your normal tabletop experience. Owned and operated by Dustin Hendrickson, a long time gamer and programmer, he brings his unique style of video game design to the board game world.
Check out the current and future projects below!


Don't Let It Die

Designed from the ground up to offer a re-playable, interactive, strategic cooperative experience for 1-4 players. The key to victory lies in your group's ability to adapt to the ever-present and always changing threats of prehistoric life. Should you focus on hunting and foraging to feed your starving tribe? Or should you be more concerned with supplying the dwindling fire with more wood? Perhaps constructing a weapon or tool might ease the stress of gathering resources...

These choices and more await you in what will surely be the ultimate test of survival.


Pixel Towers

A 1-4 player Tower Defense game you can play anywhere! Stack your pixels and upgrade your towers, defeat minions and send your own at your opponents to increase your income! Battle it out for the most points in this fast paced strategy game.


You are a video game player waiting for your MOBA match to load. Compete to load all the assets of the game and fill your loading bar faster than the other players! You will earn Load Pixels for the type of assets processed, which are used to finish your loading bar, but can also be spent on upgrading your processing, hard drive speeds and using skills. Compete to be the first player to load into the game!


Sector 18

The factions of Sector 18 are at war! You are fighting over precious resources and territory. You must conqueror planets, build space ships, defend against enemy advances and ultimately destroy your opponents base.

This is a Micro game made with only 18 cards! Take it with you anywhere, create your own maps, master the strategy! Available now through on demand printing!


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